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Free Xbox Live Generator Code Does it works?

Many gamers search online for sites that have things like an Xbox Live Generator Code, an Xbox 360 Code Generator, or an Xbox 360 Live Code Generator.

But what most people who search for these don't realize, is that sites that claim to have things like an Xbox 360 Points Code Generator simply don't work, are all scams, and are intended to hurt your computer.

Some of these sites might entice you with nice sounding titles like 1 Year Xbox Live 360 Generator, 3 Month Xbox Live Code Generator, or even Xbox Live Generator Code No Download. But no matter how they word it, you won't get any free codes, only viruses and spyware, and maybe even identity theft if you go to the wrong persons site.

There are many sites out there claiming “100% Working Xbox Live Code Generator”, and “Free Xbox Live Gold Code Generator”. However when you go to download and install the software, trojan viruses will take over your computer, and spyware will start logging your personal information.

It can cost money to fix any viruses you might get, not to mention the time it takes to restore everything back to the way it was.

It's definitely not worth the risk to download something like an Xbox Points Generator Code, especially when you can get codes for free a legit way. But I'll tell you more about that later. Now I'm going to tell you about my bad experience with generator sites, and it's something that can easily happen to you if you go to sites like “Xbox Live Code Generator 2010”.


100% Working Xbox Live Code Generator!

I had just finished paying for my classes one semester, and was BROKE. I didn't have any extra money to throw around, especially on something like Xbox codes. I figured I would search online to see if I could find any codes for free.

I came across sites claiming to have generators giving you free codes if you downloaded their software. So I went ahead and downloaded some software from one of the sites claiming to give free codes. The download finished and I installed the software. That's when the madness began. I immediately noticed how slow my computer was, and that there were pop-ups appearing frequently. I couldn't do anything on my computer because it was just too slow, and I couldn't even use the internet correctly.

I ended up having to fix my computer which took a lot of my free time in-between classes and my social life. I had to totally reinstall my operating system, and also all the files I had too. I just wanted to save $20, and if I would have known all the bad things that ended up happening, I would have stayed far away from generators.

There are sites out there though where you can really get free Xbox codes without having to download any type of generator.


How To Get an Xbox 360 Code Generator to work?

Don't be too disappointed though, there are legit ways you can get Xbox Live Codes for free without having to download anything. is a great prize site where you can do free offers and surveys, play the other members on the site for points in the different games they have, and a place where you can earn money by getting referrals.

You won't have to download an Xbox Live Subscription Code Generator either. Just do a few free offers, win a few games, and you'll have free codes emailed to you!

If you don't know what to do when you first sign up, there is a shoutbox on the site you can use. The shoutbox is a place where you can ask other members for help, and get answers on the spot. These members can also direct you on where different help stuff is to read.

So before you go and download an Xbox Live Code Generator Torrent and mess up your computer, give Points2Shop a shot and earn some prizes.

You can order the dollar bill prize to see the site is legit when you first sign up by going to Spend Points, then Non-Amazon Rewards. Just add the dollar bill to your cart and complete your order. Within 2 weeks you will have a free dollar bill in your mailbox!

Don't take chances when it comes to your computer or identity, all in the name of saving $20 for free codes. There are easy ways out there to get them, it just takes a little time and patience and you too can get them for free!

    How to get your Free Xbox Live Codes
  • Create an account by clicking HERE
  • Earn Points by playing games, completing offers, winning contest and lottery
  • Order your Free Xbox Live Codes